Charity and Sponsorship

We believe in supporting our local Community!

For a number of years both previously and currently, on both a personal and business basis, Shaun and Australind Landscaping Supplies have been the proud supports of a number of local organisations and sporting clubs in and around Australind and the Greater Bunbury region.  The sponsorship and involvement has been on a number of different levels, either via financial funding of the Harvey Brunswick Junior Football Club and/or the Leschenault Cricket Club, but also by way of interactive participation by being present on assorted committees during various different time periods.  Shaun and Australind Landscaping Supplies proudly sponsor our up and coming sports men and women and will continue to do so in and around our local areas of Australind and the Bunbury region.

Treendale Primary School


With the help of Scotty and the crew from Cable Force, your local Treendale Primary School’s jumping sandpits have now been re-filled and are ready for the kids to start the training and practice for their sporting events season.  All sand supplied by Australind Landscaping Supplies, proudly supporting the local community.