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On a regular basis we are contracted out by various organisations to perform maintenance and garden design work.  The following photo gallery reveals a portion of the before and after shots from various properties.  If you are thinking about revamping or re-designing any of your outdoor spaces, we have the knowledge, know how and products to successfully complete any project you might have in mind.  Please feel free to contact us at any stage should you wish to obtain a quote, discuss any of your ideas, or direct any question you might have to any of our staff or consultants.

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Leschenault Cricket Club – Synthetic Turf Resurfacing of Practice Pitches

Australind Landscaping Supplies has been just recently nominated to replace the entire synthetic turf surfaces at the Leschenault Cricket Club practice pitches.  The commencement of this project took place last week (Thursday August 25th 2016) whereby the old surfaces and glue had to be removed, the rubber mats lifted and secured, plus all concrete surfaces cleaned ready to commence the laying of the new synthetic turf.

​And we are done… after a few days of tearing, scraping, cleaning, gluing, cutting, ducking and weaving, throw in a few choice sayings and cursing, plus the odd profanity and this project is complete and now ready for the Cricket club to start off their new season for 2016/17 with this awesome new training area.  Let’s hope that with  such marvellous new training and practice areas, this will improve the clubs games and performances so much we’ll have an unbeatable season.

It has been a privilege and an honour to have been involved in this project.  Thank you to the Leschenault Cricket club for allowing us to be part of this event.

Projects  – Past!

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