Synthetic Turf

Making the change to Synthetic Turf may just be the best decision you could make!

No more:

  • Watering
  • Fertilisers
  • Mowing
  • Top Dressing
  • Reticulation
  • Allegies
  • Pesticides
  • Water Restriction Issues

More Benefits:

  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Products To Suit Your Budget
If you are considering a change to Synthetic Turf, why not come in and view our variations of Exquisite Synthetic Turf products for yourself.

Bring in a sketch of your project along with your measurements, from here we can help you calculate exactly what you’ll need, and recommend to you the best way to complete your project. We also have contractors that are available to install your turf for you.

Below you will find examples of the Synthetic Turf’s we carry:

Additional Synthetic Turf items:


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